Real Estate Investing Conferences in 2021

Is anyone out there planning to attend any real estate investing conferences in 2021?

If so, which ones are you most interested in?

@retipsterseth the only ones I know about are BiggerPockets and the Best Ever Conference. What other ones are there?

@donyost here are a few others I know about:

I believe the Best Ever Conference already happened in February, but you can see information about their 2022 event on their website.

I’m sure there are many others beyond this, but this is the extent of my knowledge.

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@retipsterseth - If you have one, I’ll do my very best to attend (hint, hint). Ditto - If @Justinsliva & Adam Southy have one. If Jack & Jill have one, I’ll pass.

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@retipsterseth I went to Real Estate Masters 3 day in Vegas in November. Put on by Gary Johnston and some others off the Jack Miller tree. I thought it was well worth the price and effort although the wife did not care for Vegas on her own. She passed on the conference, so too bad for her. I’ll go again next time it comes around.

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@sean-markey Andy Teasley out of Palm Springs is planning a West Coast real estate investors cruise sometime later this year. Not sure of the details. He also does an online calculator and discounted notes class. [email protected]