Realtors! What are you doing?


Do any realtors in the group use DataTree to find listings?

If so, would you mind spilling the beans how you do it?

And how are you planning on keeping business going during this shifting market?

@sam-davis I’m not a realtor, and I don’t use it for that purpose, BUT I wouldn’t think it’s that difficult. Think through your target audience and ask yourself, “What are their struggles, challenges, fears, pain points, etc.?” If you know your customer well enough, you can speak directly to their problems and offer solutions to them.

I’ve heard from agents over the years who use this same process to get listings, and they’ve told me it works pretty well for that purpose. You’d just have to develop a letter template that speaks directly to their situation. It also helps if you can filter your list so that you’re targeting precisely the right people.