Ring Central....alternatives?


I’m having the worst time with Ring Central, and I’m looking for honest feedback about whether or not they’re the right one’s to be using?

I’m applying for an account from outside the USA. Apparently, Ring Central ask you to jump through further hoops if they get an application from outside the USA. Ok, fine.

They’re asking me to submit scans of my credit card with certain numbers blocked out, and scans of my drivers license as well…and submit them over a Fax.


So I scan and print my drivers license photo, my card front and back…cut the photos out and tape them to their form and then fax them through. Altogether an hour spent doing arts and crafts…only to recieve a response in the morning that’s caused me to write this.

They’re telling me “the scan of your card is too dark”. NO SH!# IT’S a FAX of a DARK BROWN card. The alternative is my Sapphire card…it’s practically black.

I want to walk away from them so badly.

They’re asking me to re-submit…which means another hour of arts and crafts today with tape and scissors…

I am already having a hard time and they haven’t event taken any of my money yet. Please give me an alternative.


@cory hi! I just started and I live out of US (not American too, but I have a LLC in US). My choice went to Nextiva. I set my call-flow (very intuitive) and so far so good (i still have to set the fax). Reccomended👍

@cory I’m sorry to hear about that. I actually had an encounter with their customer service earlier this year and it was a similar experience. I was trying to set up a desktop phone through them and the thing just wouldn’t work. I spent a few hours bouncing around to different people and they never fixed it. I had to return it for a refund. I thought it would be cool to have a real phone on my desk, but in hindsight, it was a huge waste of time and I wish I’d never even tried.

I’ve almost never needed to contact RingCentral’s customer service because it (usually) does what it’s supposed to do… but in the rare case that I do need some human intervention, that’s where they seem to struggle a lot.

As for alternatives, there are plenty to choose from (I’ll list several of them below):

Note: I’m not necessarily recommending any of these companies, just making a list of alternatives I’m aware of. I’ve heard complaints about almost all of them at one time or another. Many of them have similar issues with lousy customer service, mobile apps that don’t work well and/or a clunky user interface BUT, if you’re looking to try another paid service that allows for most of the same functionality that RingCentral does.

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@cory Try Vumber, I live in Canada and I’ve been using them for 4 months. SI’m very happy with their service so far. You can start as little as $9.95. https://signup.vumber.com/

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I’m a fan of MightyCall. I use them because it’s a flat cost for unlimited users, etc.