Does anyone have any advice on how they manage two separate ring central numbers for their land investing business? It doesn’t look like it will let me have the two separate numbers under the same account (with the same email address). If this is the case, how do you manage the two separate numbers? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

@rphil99 Hi Ross, can you explain why you have 2 different numbers with Ring Central? Are you trying to separate calls from buyers & sellers? I ask 1/2 for my own education, and 1/2 to try to help from my previous experience.

@paulb Yes, one number for each arm of the business.

I’ve got 2 numbers, one an 800 number for incoming calls from mailers and the other as a general personal VOIP number. I travel to different countries and the second number, which I use through the app on my phone, solves my problem of having a US number while I travel. I pay an extra $80 or so for the second number. I remember it was a pain to set up the second number (its a pain to do anything in RingCentral.) I would just give them a call and explain what you want to do instead of trying to figure it out over the website. The one thing to take into consideration is that you can only have one number on a device. You can’t have both numbers ring on your cellphone. I have the personal number on my phone and the 800 number goes straight to voicemail, so that works out for me.