Sales price in the public record

Hey guys! Has the sales price in the public record of what you paid for a property ever hurt you on the resale? I am working in Tennessee where the escrow agent told me they cannot record the deed with the sales price as confidential. I got a screaming deal on this property and I am looking at probably tripling my profit at least due to limited inventory and properties this last month are moving at 12 days on market in this county. I am concerned the potential buyer may see what I paid (and the limited time owned) then demand for more of a discount. Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.

@imelbel If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about that. Your selling price is based on market value, so it’s fair. Maybe the end buyer wishes they had got the screaming deal, but you aren’t cheating them–you’re the one that found a good deal and that’s the way it is. If they like the property, and your price is fair (especially if it’s below market value), they just need to deal with the fact that they missed out on the great deal but they’re still getting a good deal. Don’t let them talk you down! You’re in control.


@shaunb777 Thanks! You’re right. Appreciate your comments.

@melody-rauber I’ve seen deeds that have used words like “for and in consideration of ten dollars and other good and valuable consideration in hand paid” for a parcel that was bought for more than $10. It was a way to legally disguise how much the parcel sold for. This was in Washington State, so I don’t know if it works elsewhere.

@bloomfieldks Thanks for the feedback!