Same title company for buying and selling?

Hey all,

Just curious what peoples’ experiences are with title companies on the buy and sell side for the same property with a fast turnaround time between the purchase and sale. For example, if you use a title company to buy and 2 weeks later you have it under contract to sell, do you run into any issues with asking the same title company to process this transaction as well? Not sure if that is a common scenario they deal with or not. Thanks!


@rmiller1291 I do this often. The title companies may offer you a bit of a discount on title service fees and they can close faster. I haven’t seen a negative side to this approach yet.

@tylerd thanks tyler! Appreciate it. Yea i just wasnt sure how they feel about such quick transactions. I think about Seths blog about his land deal in new mexico where the title company wouldnt work with him because the purchase price was so low, so it made me wonder under what circumstances they are likely to not work with you. Im sure there are some companies that care, but its possible most dont. Thanks!

I also use the same company because they are already familiar with the property, to further build a relationship with them and because they often offer a discount when you transfer the property to a buyer.

@rmiller1291 assuming it’s a good title company that does its job well, I can’t think of a reason not to use the same one for both transactions (unless the other party to one of your transactions is insisting on another title co… which is pretty rare).