Selling property through a listing agent.

Good evening,

I have just purchased my first few lots and I’ve listed two of them for sale. So far I’ve had lots of buyers agents contacting me about it. One of them offered to put my properties in the MLS for about $150, I was wondering if anyone has tried this or would recommend it.

Additionally a listing agent contacted me today saying that he has several people interested in the property and that it would cost a %3 commission on my end if I sold my properties to one of his buyers, I was wondering if anyone has done this before or it would be worth paying out a 3% commission to sell the properties fast.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, I’ve had that many times. I think it’s worth it.

@gary-sk Yes, I think it’s not bad to pay 3% commision if Property Agent gave you a pottential Property Buyer. If you want to sell your Home by own, it will take much time and you have to do a hard work for selling a property. I think selling through Property agent is not a bad idea if he is trusted.

I’ve had experience with agents. Many will say I have a few buyers lined up, but most just want the listing and they do little else. I investigate them to see what their volumn of Listings and Sales are. A good agent can be well worth it and allow you to do other things.
The 3% listing fee is normal.

Thank you everyone for the feedback, the properties have been on the market for 13 days yet with no real leads other than listing agents contacting me, I may go that route if a listing agent can present me with a buyer.