Selling Real Estate With Apple Pay, Google Pay or Amazon Pay

Has anyone found a way to sell properties from their website using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or any of these other super convenient payment gateways?

I love it when I see a website that lets me buy something using Apple Pay. I don’t have to enter in my credit card digits or do any cartwheels to pay for the thing. It’s just a single click from my phone and it’s done. My credit card info is in. My mailing address is entered. It’s like, the easiest way to pay I’ve ever seen, and makes impulse buying even easier.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, since most credit card processors seem to have a phobia about real estate transactions, but if there’s a way to set this kind of thing up for a real estate business, whether it’s selling a property for cash, collecting earnest deposits, collecting rent, or anything else, it would be great to know about that.

@seanjean, while not integrated into a selling website at this point, and not any of the three specific payment apps you mentioned, I do have a Freshbooks account for other business activities that I perform under my same LLC that I’ve generally used to buy and resell properties, and I have invoiced land buyers through that Freshbooks account for earnest money deposits, and in one case the recurring monthly payments for a very straight-forward seller-financed sale. The buyers are able to pay the Freshbooks invoices by credit/debit card or ACH bank transfer which has been convenient for them and me.

I don’t know that this particular approach would be the best option for anyone who wasn’t already paying for a Freshbooks account anyway, but it’s served its purpose for me.

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