Sending Mailers!

What site or method does everyone use for sending there mailers?

@tpappas90 you’ve got several options to choose from. Most of them can work just fine, it’s just a question of:

  • What type of mailer you’re sending out (letters or postcards, and if it requires a mail merge or not)
  • What volume you’re planning to send out
  • How regularly you’re planning to send mail
  • How much customer service you’re expecting (some of them are more self-serve and others will provide a lot more hand-holding)
  • If you’re trying to make it work in conjunction with a CRM system
  • How important price is to you (some of them are much cheaper than others, but you have to commit to buying a lot more upfront)
  • If you want any kind of automated drip functionality built-in (sending out a set volume of mail on a daily or weekly basis)

Here are the most popular options I’m aware of these days, listed in order of popularity (and if REtipster has any kind of discount or affiliate link, I’ll include the links below):

Rocket Print & Mail

REI Pebble

ITI Direct Mail