Septic tank?

Hey guys!
I received a signed purchase agreement from a blind offer campaign for about 3 acres. When I was talking to the seller about the property, she mentioned the previous owner before her had lived on the property in the early 2000s. The seller mentioned the previous owner lived on the property in a trailer with a septic system. My concern is the unmaintained septic system. Could there be issues with that? Leaking into the ground of the land? The seller says she lives on the other side of the county and hasn’t seen the land in 9 years.

I am currently arranging my local agent to go view the land but she will only be able to evaluate what is visible on the land. Not any potential septic tank issues.

Any thoughts on an unmaintained septic system are greatly appreciated.


Hi, Septic tanks could be costly and a big headache. I would recommend having it inspected and getting a quote for removal if it’s in bad shape.

@gary-sk Hi Gary! Thanks for the information. Any thoughts on knowing if it’s in bad shape since it is underground…? Not sure how to assess that since it’s underground.

@melody-rauber An inspector will be able to answer all these questions. Ask your realtor if He / She knows of a septic inspector, or simply Google it.

@melody-rauber a lot of sellers will tout the presence of a septic tank on their property like it somehow multiplies the value of the land… but unless it’s in perfect working condition, it can be more of a value-subtractor/liability than anything.

The only way I know of to know if it’s usable is to have a septic specialist come by and evaluate it, and even they will be somewhat limited without having some documentation on what’s underground and where the drain field is.

I always look at septic tanks with the assumption that they’re not usable. If the seller disagrees, I’ll ask them to prove me wrong by showing me documentation about what’s underground, where it’s located and when it was last serviced.