Setting up showings before holding title.

Quick question. I am set to close on a few lots (with an attorney) in the next week or two. Just waiting on a death certificate and then the sales will be finalized. I have the land listed and have had a lot of interest. Now my question is, In the mean time what are the protocols for setting up showings? Can I send people to view the lots? What if someone were to get injured and wanted to sue? Any recommendations would be appreciated.


I absolutely would not list any land until you or your company are on the deed. Too many things could happen between now and closing with the attorney. You can’t sell something you don’t legally own yet. In my opinion it’s the correct way to do business. You could state something on your website that says, coming soon, 1 acre lot in ABC county or whatever the specifics are, without giving the exact location or the address.

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@mikedroc23 A clause in the P&S states that I can market the properties on all platforms including MLS before closing. I definitely see where you are coming from but it does seem like too much of a liability.

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