Setting up Winning Agent Pro 2.0

Hey guys
New here. I’m setting up my buying site on WordPress using the recommended Winning Agent Pro 2.0 theme
I’ll admit I’m not the greatest at web design but I feel like the theme caters specifically to real estate agents who are listing properties as opposed to a buyers site.

Did I purchase the wring theme?

Hi @travis-vizier - I think that is essentially what the theme is designed for (listing and selling properties), BUT you don’t need to put listings on your site. You can just set it up as a 4 or 5 page website (all pages listed in the navigation bar at the top), and one of those pages can contain a form that sellers can fill out to sell their property (I used Gravity Forms back when I was using this theme).

It’s not as “ninja” as what Pebble or Carrot offer, but if you could technically set up a similar system that does a very similar thing.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but I made a video explaining how to set it up AgentPress Pro as a buying site (this was the previous name of the Winning Agent Pro 2 theme). It’s very similar, but rebranded.