Should I do REtipster's paid course?

I’m thinking of signing up for Seth’s Land Investing course.


I find his videos to be packed full of information, and so useful. But I would love to talk to someone that has taken the course and get some insight on how it worked out for you.

I purchase houses for flipping and rentals in the central Texas area. So I’m thinking this would be a good to add to the business.

Thank you,

Definately worth doing. It’s been over 5 years since I first tookthe course. It’s very throrough and Seth regualry upadates the modules. Occasionally I go back and refresh myself on a topic. The onogng value is in the forum, bonue materials /library and the office hours.


@latitude500 I attended it in Apr 21 and on 2 jun i self closed on 15 infill lots just by following the instructions from the Masterclass. I believe there’s no side of the business that Seth missed to cover. Seth’ and Jaren’s availability along with -as @karljames says- the private forum and the monthly calls, complete the package.

Furthermore, from all the REtipster podcasts, articles and blogs it appears pretty clear to me how @retipsterseth and @Jarenb are inclined to a “go slow and steady” approach more than a “go big or go home” one, and actually this is my favourite way of doing things too. Even so, don’t worry: the course prepare you to operate indifferently on high value lots as low value ones.


Thank you for both of your input. I’ve signed up and paid. So it looks like I’m going to be getting to work today.


@latitude500 I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it ;)…