Should I get my Real Estate License?

Hey investors,

I am about to graduate college and I am planning on doing some local land investing. I am trying to decide if getting my real estate license would be beneficial for me. I would love to hear from you on what you think about this topic.

The reasons I think should get it are:

  1. To eliminate real estate commission expenses.
  2. To generate more income by buying and selling land for others.
  3. To be able to make more connections with people in the land business.

The reasons I think I shouldn’t get it are:

  1. Buyers may be less likely to buy a property when buying from a real estate agent rather than an individual.
  2. Having to disclose more information if I had my license.
  3. The extra time and money it will take.

@ryanjackson7 having never had my license, my only input is what I’ve heard from others…

Those three reasons you listed to get it sound like valid reasons, but they would be limited to whatever state you get your license in. As soon as you start working in another state, those benefits wouldn’t transfer (to the best of my knowledge).

Those three reasons not to get it all sound valid as well… though #1 doesn’t sound like a big issue to me. #2 is one of the issues I’ve heard the most complaints or dilemmas from other licensed agents about.

Simply having your license probably won’t hurt you that much, but if your objective is to buy and sell land yourself, the benefits would be limited.

Now, if your goal is to buy and sell land for other people, and if you’re located in a market with many land transactions, this could make a lot of sense. I talked about this a bit in recent podcast interviews with Pat Porter and Adam Mikesch if you want to check those out.

@retipsterseth Thanks for the response!