Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference - Land Business Problem With Buyers Paying Monthly

Hello All,

I had a question related to setting up buyers in my business that are paying via Seller Financing and was hoping I could get some guidance or suggestions related to my problem.

I use Geek Pay for my Seller Financing notes, and I have to chase my buyers to get them set up through Geek Pay after they have sent in their signed documents along with a down payment.

Currently, I list my property on all of the listing sites. Once a buyer reaches out to buy the property, I send them an email explaining the process of signing and notarizing the documents and mailing the down payment (via certified funds) with the completed documents to my office. Once I receive these docs and down payment, we then reach out to them to set up their online account via Geek pay to get their monthly payments set up.

Here is where the issue has been coming in.

It has been like pulling teeth to get them to do this in a timely fashion. This is certainly going to limit my scalability in the future, and the whole reason I am paying for the Geek pay service is to scale up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this process more efficient? So I can have the buyers set up with Geek Pay and ready to go at or around the time of them paying the down payment. Should I look at having the buyers placing their down payment through GeekPay / Actum? OR can this even be done through Geek Pay without being charged a big percentage?

I was also thinking about having the buyers include a voided check with the finance packet and having a separate consent form giving us permission to set up their account for monthly AcH payments.

Maybe incentivize the buyers to using Geek pay service by offering lower monthly payments?

I realize it is just a small tweak that will make a HUGE difference in this matter, so if anyone can offer any insight on how their seller finance buyers are set up in their business, or have any suggestions on what to try in my business I would Greatly Appreciate it !!

Thank you in Advance!


@tdlandnlot Hmm, I haven't used GeekPay but I've heard this issue before. Maybe it needs to be a requirement that they create the GeekPay account before you accept their down payment. If they really want the property, they should be eager to follow your process.

I only have a few terms contracts but I have them all paying via It's not a perfect solution, but there's no fee to me. The buyer can activate recurring payments (ACH) after they set up the account. There is a hold on payment to clear (5 days, I think) I set up my own email reminder system in MailJet for payment notifications and receipts to be sent to the buyers.

Only two problems so far; 1 guy defaulted on the very first payment because he claimed that there was a problem verifying his bank account (No problem. Sold the property again to someone else). Another guy was annoyed that he had to remember to make the payment (even though there was a reminder in the payment notification email with instructions on how to activate recurring payments). I had to personally contact him and tell him the 1-2-3 instructions for making the payment recurring. Smooth sailing since then...

Have you had this discussion with GeekPay?

Maybe you should use MoonClerk or Cozy.


@suitedconnector Thank you! My next step was to reach out to Land Geek to see if they have any suggestions. Your process seems to work pretty well too. Im going to weigh out my options on payment systems before I get in too Deep.

I believe a Requirement would be the obvious choice, and I certainly agree if they want the land then they need to set their account up first!

Will add this to my set up instructions and see if the buyers are compliant.

Thank you for your reply!

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@tdlandnlot Great. Keep us posted as to the progress.