Social Media Foot print


Was wondering how everyone is representing themselves on social media as far as their land business. I have a Facebook personal page, then a linked land business page, a Instagram acct under my business name.

So my question is do you use your social media strictly for advertising/discussing your land business or do you also have personal content in it?

What is the purpose of being active on social media at all? Do you plan on finding a lot of buyers or sellers there? If so, do you think you'll be more likely to find them with a personal or a business page?

It might help to think about what the goal is for participating in social media and what each type of page or profile will contribute to that end.

This is perfect

Sure. I have two blogs on Instagram. In one, I write about my finances and how people can earn money, and the other I use for my own pleasure (that is, I post my photos/videos). At one time, I had only one Instagram page because I had no idea that I can earn money on Instagram. I created the second page on Instagram when I came across how to start a personal finance blog. It’s just that I’m a financier by training, and sometimes I was terribly bored with office work. I wanted to work lying on the couch and not go out. So, in principle, I did it.