Social Media/Online Presence?

Any tips for building an online presence? I was staunchly anti social media for years, and now it’s coming back to bite me when sellers search for me on google and find very little information about me. I have a buying website, linkedin and a few other socials but most haven’t been indexed by google yet so it doesn’t show up in search results. I don’t have a lot of followers or connections either.

@yuriscarr how long have your websites been in existence? I honestly don’t know what Google needs to see these days before they’ll rank you (I don’t think anyone truly knows, to be honest), but I would think if you’ve got a handful of reputable websites linking back to you and you’ve been online for a few months, that should be enough.

You might also want to create a Google Business listing. Sometimes that will help you show up on the radar.

@retipsterseth Only for about 6 months, but prior to that I had zero social media for about 10 years. I’ll check out google business listings like you suggested. Thanks for the tip.