Sorting Through Delinquent Tax Lists - Increase Efficiency?

Time is money, right? Between my day job (which truly occupies most of my day), family stuff, etc, my biggest issue is having time to sort through the thousands of delinquent properties in the PDFs I’ve gotten.

What are the most efficient ways you’ve gone about doing this? I had an idea to pay a Virtual Assistant to handle a very specific list of tasks (such as going through and pulling properties that meet a set of requirements, getting info from DataTree and entering in spreadsheet)

Is there a way you go about making the process more efficient? Factors you look for that let you be more picky about what parcels you do more research into? I know it’s not easy, but if there’s better ways to handle this from the start I’ll try them out

@land_master you could record a long, boring video showing exactly how you’re scrubbing your list and why you’re making the cuts you’re making.

If you can do it and explain why, there’s no reason someone else couldn’t do the same thing, especially with a task like this. There are a log of people up Upwork who will do this kind of work for a very reasonable price.

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Ignore tax deliquent, and mail all properties. Use datatree or other data source to download and have your VA scrub the sheet and test for mail merge. You can even make a template in datatree for what fields to download.

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@jawollbrink Good point, cast a wider net that way. What service do you use to get all the mailers out? I’ve seen a few services but wanted to get your thoughts

@land_master I use datatree for my lists. Draw a polygon then property size specific. Usually elimiate any commercial/ industrial/ residential. Also I lower the tax value (to eliminate houses) and put 0% improvements.

Then I get rid of corporations and any out of country address. Clean the mailer up to just the pertinent information. I make a csv file with my mail merge and send it through letterprintingiti for my mailings.


@jawollbrink I’m a bit confused - why do you remove residential? Isn’t residential what most of us are primarily dealing with?