Squatter on my vacant land property. What should I do?

I have a rural property that I sold on arb and the investor emailed me a pic of a junk RV that a buyer sent to him. I can’t confirm it’s on the property. Isn’t it the buyer’s problem to deal with since he has a terms contract?

I went ahead and called the sheriff to find out what’s going on.

@suitedconnector I think it is technically the buyer’s problem, since they’re basically the new owner now, but it might depend on how your loan documents are worded and whose responsibilities are whose.


@suitedconnector, if I can ask, how did this one turn out? Any on-going issues with squatters?

@suitedconnector it sounds like your first step is to order a boundary survey to confirm or deny whether this junk RV is actually on the subject property. Once you know the situation, then you’d have enough information to begin responding accordingly.

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@dl7573 The Sheriff finally checked the property and said it was clear, nobody/nothing there.


@suitedconnector whew! That’s a relief!