State-By-State Notary and Deed Transfer Laws

hello all, Is there a website, maybe even a pay site, that gives some information about each states deeds transfer laws? I’m trying to get some guidance on this. I realize that this is very important and differs from state to state. I was wondering if anyone uses a particular resource or website to help guide them for each individual states laws. Thanks

Hi @jimthorne34, I haven't come across a single site with all of the states laws listed, but I've had success using google searches that typically result in attorney websites sharing the information for their state. However, I would also love to know of a resource that you're looking for. :)


Seth made a USA map showing states that are attorny close/ notary close, and a little more info about each one. Check the retipster site for that.

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@jimthorne34 - which laws are you referring to? Dowry laws? Disclosure laws? Whether a witness signature is required on the purchase agreement or deed? Whether an attorney is required? Whether a transfer tax is required?

I've been able to cover some of these things, but definitely not all of them. Here are some pages on our site to see:

If there's a specific law or issue you're asking about, let us know!

Thank you for the response, I know my post was rather vague, I think all the possible hurdles of how to close a deal we’re getting to me at the time, but thank you for your response and the others. This should get me to were I need to be. Thanks

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@jimthorne34, Hi! I'm a commissioned and bonded Remote Online Notary Public in the state of Texas. If you ever need any assistance with getting your signatures or the signatures of your clients/customers notarized, I'm here to help. I can notarize signatures, online, for clients/customers, throughout the state of Texas as well as nationally and globally, as long as I'm physically located in the state of Texas at the time of the notarizations. The clients/customers can be located anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. The notarization is done via a secured two-way audio/visual conferencing platform (webcam). The clients/customers would go through the process of credential analysis (KBA-Knowledge-Based Authentication) and identity proofing before meeting with the Remote Online Notary Public, online. It's a very convenient, quick and easy process to getting your signatures notarized on your important documents from the comfort of your home or office. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the process. I can be reached at Thank you!


Hi Seth!

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Do I need witnesses for closing a selling contract in TEXAS as authorized signer for my C Corp?

I'm an alien from Germany and looking for a service who don't need an SSN for verification (like

Can you help me?

@juergen-berrisch In Texas you will need a notarized signature of an agent / officer authorized to execute the deed by the company. You do not need an additional witness to the one required signer - but you do need exactly one notarized signature.


@karljames Thanks, Karl! So, that simplifies the process a little bit.


I suggest you have a look at Seth's recent interview about investing in the US as a non-resident alien. Pure gold. A good takeaway was that you may be able to authorize a trusted person in the US by means of a corporate resolution. I suggest you google "nominee service" (some attorneys do that) as this may be a helpful service for you in the future. Always double-check with an attorney of course. Good luck!