Streamlining List Scrubbing: Efficient Methods for Blind Offers on County Lists

Hello, I have retrieved 6 county lists so far. When I scrub them, do I have to look up each individual parcel number/property address on the county’s GIS to figure out the the blind offer? I just want to make sure I’m not missing something that makes this process easier. Seems like going through thousands properties on the GIS is going to take so much time and I want to be sure this is in fact how everyone does it. Thank you!

For total county lists you should probably be sending out a neutral letter or postcard unless it is a really tiny county. For blind letters, you’ll want to target specific areas that you can come up with an average price per acre for. You can pull data for specific areas with a service like Datatree.

@rzuck - I think what you’re talking about is pricing.
There’s so many ways you can go about pricing.
You could make life easier and approach this via with a neutral letter first.

Anyways, here’s something I put together that may help with pricing

@jessey thank you for the valuable info. I’ve been learning a lot about Pebble. People say great things about it. Listening to Travis King talk about it now - he says it auto scrubs lists (duplicates etc). Can you explain more?

@sempervirens thanks. So you’re saying to just send neutral letters to the entire county list without knowing the info of each individual property and whether you even want to buy it or not? Doesn’t that feel wasteful money wise?

@rzuck oh that’s awesome. Glad to hear that!

Rose - I’ve made a recording for you here:

(Sorry at a Starbucks getting work done and it’s a bit noisy!)

Here might be easier I just embed here @rzuck

@jessey Thanks for recording a video so quickly. Super helpful. That’s an awesome feature. Question - does Pebble provide any of its own insight about lists (ie does it calculate price per acre, or pull any info on properties that might be helpful to the user), or is all the data straight from the Excel you upload? Or is there an integration or extension Pebble works with that does that? Enriching lists with additional data points.

@rzuck no it doesn’t. Pebble is a Business Management tool, so things like pulling data/comps/pricing is not what we focus on. Since pricing is such an art and everyone slices it differently we leave it open to whatever you bring in!

Although have you checked out our free pricing tool?

Hope this helps!