Supplemental income stream?

I am super early in my experience with real estate investing but I am wondering if this would be a service I can market.
I am in the market where Apple is going to establish it’s East Coast presence. I am wondering if I can sell land research services to people that may be relocating? I could evaluate land, provide more photographs, provide a sense of lifestyle metrics (strength of dining scene, school options, etc) . If I can find land in the area for cheap that is awesome but I could easily be priced out of what I could afford to purchase on my own.
Does that make sense? Sort of a land concierge? Anyone thing there could be anything to that?

@cindy-francies, if those are things you enjoy doing, evaluating land and researching markets/neighborhoods, etc., I think it sounds great, but unless I’ve misunderstood, I wonder if it might be best (or even necessary) to get your real estate license and provide those services within the context of being a land specialized agent. It sounds like you would be an awesome one, and I would worry that collecting a fee in exchange for assisting others in acquiring land could be seen as practicing real estate without a license, otherwise.

I’m not an agent or an attorney so I’m not qualified to weigh in on the finer points, and I assume that applicable laws and regulations will differ somewhat from state to state so even if someone knew what was necessary to be compliant in one location, it might be different someplace else. But with that disclaimer, it’s my understanding that real estate agents are able to flip properties, under the right circumstances, so unless I’m mistaken on that, perhaps you could still flip land (if that’s something you do) while acting as a buyers agent specializing in land, as well.

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