Taking the deep dive

Hey everyone, Jake here from Missouri (just south of St. Louis).

I stumbled across land flipping after talking with a coworker about someone they knew that did so in downtown St. Louis back in the day utilizing city tax sales on vacant lots. This of course sent me down a rabbit hole and over the last month or so I’ve been scouring the wide world of the web collecting as much insight as possible. Naturally, I landed at the footsteps of R.E. Tipster and have been reading the blog posts and catching up on Seth’s Podcast all the way back to episode one.

I’ve always had a bit of a relentless pursuit for real estate investing in my mind but have yet to put anything into action.

My professional background is in the military/law enforcement/security realm which has certainly been fun and interesting, but after so many years protecting folks with high net worth, it’d be nice to work towards that kind of status myself.

During this learning phase I intend on staying close to home until I get a few reps under my belt. I’ve reached out to several of the surrounding counties for delinquent tax lists. I’m excited to start scouring those once I obtain them to see how feasible this really may be for me. I’m going at this as cheaply as possible for now while I maintain another business venture I began a few months ago that has become more of a passion project than a money maker.

I’m looking forward to learning and gaining valuable insight from everyone on here. If anyone is in or working in Missouri and wants to connect, throw out some pointers, or bounce ideas feel free to reach out.

@jsumm21 welcome to the forum, and thanks for the introduction!

I can’t wait to see where the land business takes you! Be sure to leave us updates from time to time here on the forum to let us know how it’s going. :slight_smile:

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@jsumm21 welcome onboard!

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@jsumm21 hey Jake, our stories seem very similar! I am from STL as well and have been running a land business for a couple years now. I had a passion for real estate for a while but could never pull the trigger until I found RETipster. I have had success flipping properties arou

for some reason my text posted too early and it wont let me edit. What I was saying was: I have had success flipping properties around STL. If you want to connect and go over some things, feel free to message me!

Hi Jake! Welcome to the community. Would be happy to connect to bounce ideas off each other. Im new to land investing as well. Let me know if you are interested in chatting more about where you are in the process. :+1: