"Tax maturity list" or "Parcels sold and not redeemed list"

I’m brand new to land investing and have a question about a tax list that I acquired. After calling several counties for a tax delinquent list to no avail, I finally found a lady in one county that was able to help get a “tax delinquent list”, she called it a “tax maturity list”. She wasn’t able to send it in an excel format and it is just printed papers that were scanned.
The top of the list says “X county Land Redemptions” and under that says “Parcels sold and not redeemed.”
The list contains a Name and address of a person, Parcel information including assessed value, and taxes due.
Beneath that it says “Sold to X” (Lots of LLC’s, some individuals). No address or any other info in the “Sold To” section.
My question is, did I get the wrong list if I’m trying to acquire a delinquent tax list? Or do I target the original owner of the property that has the address displayed?
I’m thinking I got the wrong list but would like to hear if the list I did obtain is any bit useful. Thanks in advance

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The “Sold to X” reference makes me think you may have the wrong list or maybe you’re working in a tax lien state.

Is this a tax deed state or a tax lien state? Seth has a blog post that explains which states are which: A Crash Course in Tax Lien & Deed Investing (and My Love/Hate Relationship With Both)

If this is a tax lien state, it could be that the “Sold to” is referencing who holds the tax lien, not the deed. When I use delinquent tax lists, I stick to tax deed states because it’s easier to keep track of what’s going on, who owns what, and a bit easier explain what I’m looking for to the county workers, because they usually don’t even understand how it works.

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Thank you Charlotte this helped clear up my confusion. I was working in a tax lien state and didn’t even realize!