tear down vs salvage, need some help

Hi folks,

Bought a parcel with an ancient singlewide, with added on corrugated metal roof for extended living area. I want it gone. Have quotes for demo / remove, over $10k.

My question: it seems to me there is salvageable value in some of the lumber, metal roofing, even the old MH. Are there people / companies that will come and take that?

Or am I stuck with paying to have it demo’d and hauled off?

@scottbraden in my experience, the cost of demo depends a lot on where the property is located in relation to the person doing the demolition and how far they have to drive to the landfill. If they will have to haul their equipment a long distance to get there, and if it’s a big-name company (as opposed to one random guy with a truck, trailer, and a bobcat), that can make a big difference in the demo price too.

For structures like this near me, I’ve seen prices ranging from $2K to $10K, based on who the contractor was… so it could be worth getting a few quotes, if you can.

As for the salvaging idea, you could post an ad on CL or FB telling people to come and take what they want. I’ve never actually done this, and there might be some liability there if someone tries to tear something off the structure and they hurt themselves… but that would be my first idea.

If anyone else has ideas, I’d love to hear them too!

@retipsterseth thanks Seth. Yep I am scouring local listings for “architectural salvage” to see if I can find someone.