Texas seller finance - need help

Selling a vacant residential parcel on terms, in Texas.

I have the TREC contract for vacant land, and I see the TREC seller finance addendum. I also need a separate “note” for the loan terms.

What else do I need / should I be considering / doing?


Do you have a title company lined up to close this deal yet?

If so, are they able to provide the Texas templates or loan instruments needed to get the deal done?

If you’ve got any specific terms or requirements you want added to their template, then you’d want to find an attorney who can customize it for you. You’d be looking for a real estate lending attorney with experience in seller financing.

If this is your first seller financed closing ever, it might not be a bad idea to find an attorney no matter what, just to make sure you fully understand what you’re doing on your first go-around.