Texas - Selling on terms

TEXAS… ! We would like to begin offering seller financing for our texas inventory. How do we do this compliantly? Should we hire a real estate attorney to structure our doc templates, any recommendations?

@zachattack yeah, I would find an attorney for your first one. I’ve heard people in Texas often use a mortgage and note for their seller financing deals or a deed of trust, but an attorney could give you a better answer than I.

@zachattack I am so glad I found this post again as posted on FB and passed the wrong information! I agree with @retipsterseth of course an attorney will keep all out of hot water but it is reallynot that difficult. Take a look at https://www.ericscharaga.com as he has a business set up to buy notes from people in the land business. I did my first property with him recently and it was fantastic. He will share with you what you need to set up and then he will essentially take it from there. I got the cash and the buyer was really happy. Cheers, Fred

PS it was in Texas, imagine that:)