Thinking Tennessee may be my target market. Anyone with experience buying/selling there?

I’m thinking Tennessee may be my target market. Anyone have experience buying/selling there?

I started land investing about 1 1/2 years ago. Had to put the brakes on for a variety of reasons but I am really anxious to start back up.

Thinking about Tennessee. Anyone bought/sold there before? Thoughts?


@Joel watch out for terrain issues. Depending on what market you’re used to, and which part of Tennessee you’re looking at, it’s not exactly flat in every region of the state, so be careful you’re not buying something with too steep of a slope.

If you’re used to places like CO or CA, you probably won’t need to watch out for anything you haven’t seen before, but if you’re coming from a place like Iowa or Nebraska, you’ll probably find more hills and valleys in a place like TN.


@joel Hi Joel, I’m having the same question now :slight_smile: if you have any advice for me it would be appreciated.

As a Tennessee resident, I can attest to the variety of terrain here. I’m originally from Illinois where it’s cornfields and wind farms for as far as the eye can see. It’s absolutely beautiful here in TN. In some areas, you’ll find acres of flat land and rolling hills, others densely wooded, steep rocky ravines, and almost all of it on a giant slab of slate it seems. I’m looking to start my budding land empire here, and haven’t done a single deal yet, but I’d be willing to help if I can. Maybe learn a thing or three in the process. I will say this: Davidson County (Nashville) and the surrounding few counties are an absolute FEEDING FRENZY! With so much influx of people moving from other parts of the country, homes are regularly selling for $200k+ over list, with bidding wars prior. My understanding from speaking with local investors is that land in these 5-6 counties is just as hot. Not sure about the east and west parts of the state yet. Hope that’s useful, and I wish you the best of luck!

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@donyost What do you think of terrain in Chattanooga?