Thoughts on agent referrals

For those who use real estate agents to sell your properties-- what are your thoughts on a referral discount if you send them a seller who can’t come far enough down on their price but is motivated to sell and would make for a good listing with your agent? I know you can’t receive a percentage of that sales commission since you aren’t licensed, however, what if you worked out a deal to receive a 25% commission discount from the agent on your next sale with them?

@scottholmes maybe I’m the only one is is confused, but why would you be sending a seller to your agent? Is this a situation where you can’t buy from the seller, but you still want to help them out by connecting them with a good agent?

And when you say “discount”, are you saying that you’d want the agent to give you some kind of kickback in the form of a commission discount on the next deal?

Assuming that’s what you mean, I can’t see any problems with that. But it also won’t do the agent any good of the property or seller is difficult to work with and won’t sell. If it works out well for them, I suppose it would be a reasonable ask.

@donyost Exactly-- you can’t agree with the seller on a price, but they are motivated and the listing would make sense for your agent.

Yes, the discount would be a reduction in commission on the next deal you list with that agent…