Tips for Land Developers on Identifying Motivated Sellers

Good Morning! I am an experienced Land Developer in Asheville, NC, but am newer to sourcing off-market property in-house. I am looking for any tips or tricks to identify truly “motivated” sellers after I have generated a list of quality parcels. Any filters you use specifically on data tree? Any key things you look for with the owner? Thanks in advance!

@jroinvest maybe you can tell us which filters you’ve already applied, or which ones you think you should use, and then we can chime in with any other suggestions or filters we’ve tried?

There is no surefire way to know that seller will be motivated, we can only filter out the ones that statistically make more sense (owners who don’t live anywhere near the property, owners who have delinquent taxes, owners who own multiple parcels of land, etc.)

I doubt anyone has any magic tricks that will change everything for you, but if I see any obvious holes in what you’ve already tried, I can let you know what I think.