Toll Free Vs. Local Number?

Anyone have experience switching from one to the other, and if so, any noticeable pros & cons?

(I’m currently using the Dialpad standard plan, which includes a local number by default. Dialpad charges an additional $17/mo for a toll free number which is also charged by the minute.)

I know how important it is to pick a phone number and stick to it, and so far I set everything up using an area code to match my return address on the mailer. Wondering if a toll free number would build even more trust with sellers. Thoughts?

@yuriscarr I have been told that using a toll free number…800 NOT 855,866 is more credible. using a local number when reaching out to people who are not in your area code can make people question whether they want to talk with you…especially seniors.

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I don’t have any real data to support my opinion on this, but I’m not convinced there’s a huge difference between the 800 or 888 numbers and a local number. Heck, I might even be less likely to answer the phone if someone calls me from an 800 number.

Not to mention, the original purpose of toll free numbers (so customers don’t have to pay long distance charges) isn’t much of an issue these days, because long distance calling is free with most mobile carriers.

And for what it’s worth, I’ve changed my business number and business address more than once and it’s never had a big impact on me. Obviously, it’s better to keep the same one if you can, but it’s not like the world will end if you have the change it up.

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@russell-bronson Thanks, I’ll make sure to go with the 800 then!