Top 3 Merchant Account Alternatives to MoonClerk

Hey I need help finding an alternative to MoonClerk. Stripe just sent me a cancellation to my account after being with them for 18 months. Their reason was Land business/Real Estate is a restricted industry.

@rod you could try Heartland. They have their own set of issues and things that can make the approval and payment collection process tricky in its own right, but you should (in theory) be able to collect payments without getting canceled because of the industry, because they have their own approved code for land investors.

@retipsterseth @Rod wow that’s disturbing. I was just considering transitioning to Stripe/moonclerk from my current set up which is Stripe/Heartland.
Heartland is overpriced and not as user friendly as Moonclerk.

On the other hand, Heartland doesn’t cancel folks in our industry. I know there are lots of land investors using Moonclerk. Hopefully your experience doesn’t become a trend.

Thank you Seth!

@sean-callahan I’m guessing you’ll also find issues with MoonClerk eventually, especially if it’s tied into Stripe in any way, because Stripe prohibits “real estate opportunities”. I’ve also heard of several other land investors using MoonClerk, so maybe there’s something to it, but I would just be prepared for disappointment at some point down the road.

Depending on who the buyer is, the whole credit card payment thing may be a bit overrated. Obviously, it’s a nice thing to have, but it’s SUCH a hassle to deal with in some ways.

It may be a better tradeoff to just charge people via ACH. If you’re using Quickbooks, for example, they’ve got a really clean, friendly-looking ACH invoicing feature that can be emailed to the customer and paid online. The form looks even cleaner than a credit card payment form, it just asks for the digits on a person’s check instead of their card.

I suppose the big downsides are that the customer needs to actually have the money in their account and they can’t earn any credit card points on the transaction.

But on the same coin, when you’re collecting payments from someone on a seller-financed deal, it’s a lot more common for a person to cancel their credit card than their bank account. Pulling payments via ACH can be a lot more reliable in some cases… but again, I suppose it depends on the individual borrower and what kind of balance they maintain in their checking account.