Tract vs Parcel/Lot

Please advise:

What does it mean when the Property Class is listed as “Tract Vacant?” How is this different than a standard lot or parcel of land?

Thank you!

@rjean it sounds like both of those terms could be used interchangeably, neither of them is terribly specific. There probably is some distinction at the county level, but I’m not aware of any universal differences that would make one stand out from the other.

If I had to guess, I would say that “parcel” implies a smaller piece of land than a tract, but that’s still kind of a guess without getting more info from the county about how they define this.

I actually wrote an article on this not long ago. It gets into all the specifics of land terminology that gets thrown around like this. You can find it here:

@retipsterseth Perfect, thank you! I’ll check out your article. :grin: