Trouble deciding on making an offer


Up to this point I have set up my website and sent out my first mail campaign to a county in the Southwestern US that I’ve chosen to work in. I’ve gotten a couple leads so far and I’m doing my due diligence. Throughout this process, I’ve grown unsure about the location I picked and my ability to assess a parcel’s value in terms of ability to sell. To start, I’m getting a lot of leads for vacant parcels in the middle of the desert only accessible by an unkept dirt road/trail. All of them so far have been 1 acre or less. They all appear to be within a few miles of large agricultural areas. None have access to any utilities that the owners are aware of. All so far are located in or adjacent to 100-year flood plains. Finally, I personally don’t know why anyone would even buy one of these properties other than they are within 2 hours of a large growing city. My lack of experience leaves me with a few questions for Seth or someone with ample experience in this area:

  • Should I bother making an extremely low offer on these or simply just walk away from these types of properties? (I don’t want to be overly conservative and miss out on opportunities that I’m not aware of but also don’t want to make a foolish purchase)

  • Have you ever pulled out of a county that was a “flop” and if so, what led you to that decision? Perhaps I just need to be more patient before I start second guessing the entire county…


@isaakberry anything is a good deal at the right price. Even if a property looks like it’s not great, just ask yourself, “What would the price have to be for this deal to be attractive to me?”

If there is no such number, then don’t go after it.

As for pulling out of counties, I’ve abandoned counties in the past that I failed badly in. I can’t say for sure that it was the right move, but it’s what I decided to do anyhow.