Trustees on Deliquent Tax Lists

Hello all! Had a quick question about mailing trustees listed on the tax list. We have pulled down a few lists and are seeing a lot of "trustees" under the owner information. Currently we have been just putting "John Smith Trustee" or "John Smith Family Trust" on the mailing addresses, is that normally what everyone here does? Thanks for your help, and have a great day!

@cgarrison, your approach makes sense to me, if that's the information the particular county, and parcel details, give you to work with. Sometimes I'll see a person's name called out like, "John Smith, Trustee", or Roberts Family Trust "c/o John Roberts". In those cases, I'll obviously address it to that person specifically, but if they don't give me the name, I've basically done like you said for addressing the envelope, and then if using a First Name field for the greeting in the letter, I believe I've sometimes just said, "Trustee".