Trying to get make our first deal

Hi Everyone,
My wife and have recently finished the Land Investing Master class. We have done two direct mailing campaigns (500 postcards each) to two difference counties in Michigan. We have gotten several responses, but none that resulted in a deal (1 wouldn’t accept our offer, and 2 that were non buildable and had no alterative value). We are just wondering if this is typical. How many mailings do most investors send out before finding a viable deal? Should we continue in these counties or move on to some others (we chose our counties using the information in the class) We are just looking for some input to make sure we are on the right track. Or do we need to tweak something to increase our chances of getting a deal. Thanks in advance for your input.

@agfryling Keep at it. You are doing well. You’re sending mail and getting responses. It’s like mining for gold, you have to sift through lots of rocks and sand to find a nugget. You will find a profitable deal soon enough and maybe two or three in a row.