Unsuitable Site For Septic

I have a seller that wants to sell, but the lot they had evaluated in 2007 (it’s 2 lots side by side), the health dept said the soil is unsuitable for a septic system. They, also, said alternative systems and any other modifications wouldn’t overcome the severe conditions of the site. They, however, did say an option could be to come up with a plan for a system that would dispose of sewage water to another area of suitable soil or off-site to an additional property.

It’s 2 lots, with one being a corner lot, in a subdivision on a street with a cul de sac. Would you still consider buying if you got it cheap enough, or does the kind of info kill any chance of a marketable resell by me?

@carolinajay I would look at this kind of thing with the assumption that it’s not buildable (because without the ability to install a septic system, it basically isn’t).

What would a non-buildable lot be worth to you? What else could it be used for (if anything)? Whatever the alternative uses are, what is that type of property worth?

Probably not much would be my guess… but whatever the answer is, just make them a discounted offer based on that value, not the value of a buildable lot.

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@retipsterseth How about promoting it as an RV lot?

@john32636 if the zoning will allow for it, sounds like a good idea to me.

@retipsterseth I think I may pass on this one for now, however, I do like the RV lot suggestion.

@carolinajay As you said if there is an option to install a septic tank in 2nd lot, then I assume it is buildable. If you buy the land, be aware it will be difficult to sell as-is. Once you do all the hard work and build a house with all required facilities, then the septic is not an issue anymore. As a buyer I am looking at a working septic system and 2 lots as a whole to buy.
Be sure to check all the requirements with the city including if you are allowed to build on lot1 if the septic is on lot2.

@carolinajay If you buy another lot, then make sure your contract to purchase says the sale is contingent upon the purchase lot being suitable for a septic

@stephen She never responded after my offer. Thanks for the advice.

@david-krulac As of now, that deal is off. Thanks for the advice.