Use a Virtual Desktop

Question for international investors.

I have problems using some websites even if I use a VPN. Besides that, I want my VA who is located in the Philipines to use the FB marketplace to list my lots with an individual FB account.

Does anyone have experience/recommendations on how to set up a virtual desktop? Which provider is good? Does it solve the access problem to American websites?

@bartezz which websites are you having the most trouble with? Is it just FB or are there other ones as well?

@retipsterseth FB marketplace doesn’t work from outside the US for my assistant. Besides that I have problems with websites where I do phone number research (missed calls) like fastpeoplesearch or truepeoplesearch. Therefore I wanted to set up some virtual desktop in the US. In that sense it should be pretended to be in the US.

@bartezz yeah, that makes sense. I’m not doing this currently with any of my remote helpers but I know of others who have and it seems to work for them.

If you do a quick google search for “remote vpn access solutions”, you’ll probably find some viable solutions for this.

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