vacant land-sell side

Hello, I have vacant residential lots in FL. On the sell side, I use a relator and have them list land on zillow, realtor etc. While I have had some success with this approach, I am not able to quickly sell. What am I not doing correctly. Are there other avenues to find buyers? Land value usually is between 20-40K

Thank you in advance!

@inventivebuyer how many lots have you listed and sold this way? Are we talking 2 - 3? 10 - 20? 80 - 100?

And when you say “quickly sell”, how quickly do you mean?

If you only have a small sample size to look at, it’ll be harder to make a judgment call as to what could be the problem (if there is a problem).

It could be that the agent isn’t hustling hard enough, or perhaps they aren’t knowledgeable enough about the market, or perhaps they didn’t put together a good enough listing, or perhaps it’s priced incorrectly, or perhaps you need to offer more attractive terms, or maybe there’s something wrong with the property or the area itself… lots of “maybes”, so it’s hard to offer much feedback without a lot more data to look at.

@inventivebuyer During my due diligence, I call a couple of realtors in the area of the property. I ask them some questions about the area, etc. But I learned from another investor to ask “What would I need to have this priced at to sell it in 90 days?”. It doesn’t always sell that fast depending on the property. But I have a much better idea on what it might take to make the property move and how that fits into my numbers.

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Hi - Where are they? I’ve been buying in a few places. Would you consider wholesaling?