Want to implement online checkout with my land website, which route should I go?

Hello all,

I am looking to integrate online check out on my investor carrot website. I was looking at a either Moon clerck, Heartland, or just going with Geek pay. This is going to be used for selling vacant land mostly on terms

I already have an investor carrot website, so I would like to use something that is not too difficult to implement on the site.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Advice?

Thanks in advance!


I had moonclerk but got flagged by stripe and shutdown after a few deals. I am now using geekpay and ach, but I got stripe reactivated for doc fees etc.

I should add that heartland charges 80 bucks a month unless you have over 5k in monthly usage.

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@jawollbrink thank you, just what I needed to hear!

Makes my decision much easier