What are the best land investing websites to model?!

I'm setting up a site on Carrot and would love to have some best-in-class sites to be inspired by.

@jason-pratt in terms of aesthetic beauty and use of video, Landio.com is one of the better ones I’ve seen out there. That kind of look requires a TON of effort in getting best-in-class photography and spending a ton of time and/or money to create good videos though… so that website’s strength really lies in the development of good digital assets.

If you’re just looking for an example of other land investors who are using Investor Carrot, I know Luke Harris uses it for his website. He mentioned it in this conversation I had with him a few years back:

In terms of the layout, REI Conversion really does have a good thing going. It’s designed pretty well, with all the relevant information included in all the right places, so if there’s a way to emulate any of those attributes within the constraints of what Carrot can do, you could try that as well.

@retipsterseth Perfect, thanks. I ended up switching to REI Conversion as it seemed a bit better out the box - and I setup a few WP sites years ago.