What are the best real estate forums online?

Everybody knows about BiggerPockets and I’ve seen plenty of value in the REtipster forum, but are there any other great forums I should know about?

If so, what are they?

If you’re on Reddit, r/realestateinvesting is a very active subreddit that gets a lot of activity. I’ve seen some great conversations on there and everyone seems pretty objective and unbiased for the most part.

r/realestate and r/realestatetechnology are some other noteworthy ones, but I’ve seen most of the best conversations happen on the real estate investing one.

Everyone on reddit is anonymous though, which gives it a bit of a different vibe than forums like REtipster or BiggerPockets where people use their real names and upload a picture.


There are other forums, but not a lot of great forums. After doing a google search for “real estate investing forums”, all the results I found outside of BiggerPockets and REtipster either looked like they hadn’t been updated since 1998 or they didn’t have much activity.

I did find these results, but I didn’t spend enough time on them to know if they’re worth any attention:

It looks like there are a lot of other forums that aren’t even based on real estate but they have a real estate investing section, like these ones:

I’m surprised there aren’t more of them out there. Also surprising that neither the retipster forum nor the reddit ones @charlotteirwin pointed out are showing up in a google search. Makes me wonder how many other great forums are hiding out there on the web.


@mattpayne I can say, after running this forum for the past year, it’s not surprising to see the lack of solid real estate forums out there (although I am surprised you couldn’t find us on Google, what the heck?!).

There is A LOT of work that goes into designing a good forum, getting people to show up and have conversations.

Moderation is also a huge challenge. Even with all the right spam filters in place, there is a constant onslaught of spam that comes into any forum, which makes it even harder to encourage good, organic conversations, because there is so much “noise” we have to identify and combat at the same time.

Anyway, I’m not complaining. :slight_smile: Just saying that before I started this forum, I had no idea how many challenges there would be. Now that I’m keenly aware of it, I can see that in order to make a good forum, the forum admins really need to care for and nurture it every day, and most people aren’t willing to do this.


@donyost what are you looking for in a forum? What do you use them for? I know some people use them as a serious source of their education, which is kinda scary, since there can be some bad advice flying around on forums.

It seems like other people use them for networking or becoming known as an authority figure.

Not sure what your objective is, but that might help you decide which forums to focus on, because nobody’s got time to spend all their time in forums all day.

@retipsterseth I appreciate this forum. Not only has it been very informative, it is clean and laid out well. You’re doing a great job with it. Thank you.

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Thanks, @brian-formosa! I appreciate that.