What are the best skip tracing services - cost and quality?

There are a bunch of different ways to skip trace property owners these days.

The ones I know about (thanks to Seth’s videos) are Direct Skip, PropStream, PiN, Versium, Property Radar.

I know there are many more out there, and they can vary a lot in price and quality. For example, Direct Skip may be top quality at pulling in a lot of information, even from LLCs, whereas the cheaper ones like Versium are very cheap, but require a much bigger upfront investment, and it will probably miss a lot of information that Direct Skip would have caught.

For those of you who have used more than one of these, which one do you find yourself going back to again and again because it has the best blend of quality at a good price?

I’m still using Direct Skip and I’m happy enough with it. I always wonder what the comparison would look like between DS and another, but I’m not gonna skip trace the same list twice to find out!