What are your favorites Monthly Payment Processor for land flipping?

Hello y’all.
I’ve been using Moonclerk for about 2 years now.
Im processing about 25k a month through it.

I have not received any warning from them to close me but I want to be prepared in case my account get cancelled.

What are some other options?
Thank you!

@aaron-perez Haven’t tried them yet but I hear Geek Pay is decent.

As a QuickBooks user, I use QuickBooks Payments. Previously was set up for and used Heartland.


@mike-0 I use GeekPay and it’s great. However, I should note that it’s not a payment processor. It’s a system for managing notes. You can connect your payment providers to it, but it doesn’t handle the actual processing. That said, I use Actum for monthly note payments. Their web admin interface is horrific, but they get the job done and to my knowledge don’t have a problem with land investors.


@kris Yes, my apologies. I forgot you can set up Actum, Stripe, etc through Geek Pay. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Actum is one of the few that can set up ACH payments?

I’m new to land flipping, but I have heard Actum is a good option.

@kris Hello Chris does Actum have to be used through Geekpay or can it be used on its own?

Yes, Actum is for automatic ACH withdrawal. It is a standalone service, separate from GeekPay. Once you have an account with them, you can connect it to GeekPay (or anything else) to make note management easier. But if you just want to run with Actum alone, I’m sure it would work fine. Just know that their web interface is the worst thing ever.

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