What happen if seller is not the legal owner?

I might have a prospect seller for a small vacant lot but there’s one big issue here, the seller is not the legal owner. The land belongs to a close family member which she had passed away. The lady had a daughter which also passed away. The man said he had a letter saying that she gave him this piece of land and she was going to do a quit claim deed over to him which she never did. So my question is, what steps do I need to take to acquire this land? Or is this too much hoops to go through and not worth my time?

That person will have to have the prop in their name to sell it. Nothing you can do until then. Their may be another family member who can make a claim on it. It will probably have to be probated.

Thanks @tubbs1286. Seems like a pass for me, on to the next one!

@jnguyen Agree with Dustin. He has nothing to sell until he gets into title. Probably needs to go through probate unless title is vested in a trust or maybe as Joint Tenants with right of survivorship. His letter is near worthless.

I might not be so fast to pass on it. It is only a matter of time for them to go through the legal process. Lock it up now and pay for it later. Would not pay for it now as he is only selling you a supposed future right they may never come to be.

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Thanks @sean-markey.