What have been the worst reactions to your mail campaigns?

We all know about hate calls or letters as a reaction to mail campaigns, especially to blind offers.

Probably nobody likes receiving those but there are ways of dealing with that (e.g., using an answering service instead of answering the phone by yourself).

Other than those calls / letters, what other negative impact did your mail campaigns have? I have heard for example of a case where recipients of blind offers left negative reviews with the Better Business Bureau. I have heard of another case where a complaint was filed with the state's attorney general (which, from my understanding, didn't lead to anything substantial, but the attorney general still sent a letter to the person who sent out the mail campaign (I think the letter was just informing about the complaint)).

Curious to hear about your experiences.

Hi @johannes I'm just getting started and working on the first mail campaign, but haven't experienced this yet. But I keep hearing about it....does the angry response typically come from the blind offers, since they are offended by how low it is? Otherwise, hard for me to wrap my mind around why people would be so angry about an offer to buy their land. But I am completely ignorant at this point :).

To clarify: my comment was more about what I hear from land investors. I've also heard of this happening when marketing to home-owners, but I'd think that has more to do with them getting overwhelmed/annoyed with cash offers to buy their homes.