What is the ONE motivational video that keeps you moving?

I’m need a reason to keep moving this week.

I know there are all kinds of great videos on YouTube that can lift and encourage the spirits.

What’s the single most motivational video you can recall? Post it here and send me some positive vibes!

I think this one is pretty great. ;)


Most TED Talks are pretty motivational in some way or another. I saw this one recently and liked it a lot.

I appreciated how his greatest childhood struggle was the whole reason why he succeeded in comedy.


I love watching/listening to TD Jakes!

There are some good motivational videls with him on youtube. Also Les brown has some good stuff as well.

There are a lot of motivational videos on the youtube on many topics. Everyone has their opinion on that. Some motivational videos motivate one person but didn't motivate another one. For me real motivation comes from on their own self. I thing that we should find that one thing from ourselves that gives us motivation.


I keep a “mind hacking” YouTube playlist for times when I need a push. Here’s one I continue to come back to over & over again!