What is your favorite podcast and why?

Hi guys!

I'm looking for podcast recommendations.

What are some of your favorites and why? All suggestions welcome!

Looking forward to checking them out.


If we're talking strictly real estate, these are some cool ones I've discovered over the past year:

If we're talking any kind of podcast or "just for fun" entertainment, I think these are pretty good too:


Thanks for the mention @retipsterseth

Here’s what I currently have on rotation on my Google Podcast app. I definitely have cut back on listening to Podcasts though as it tends to pull me in too many directions.

  • SaaS Growth Stacking - I love the way Dan Martell shares his approaches to scaling/growing a business (plus he’s local to me!)
  • Marketing School - amazing format. Huge value. If you’re interested in online marketing/SEO. Start here.
  • WP Elevation: WordPress Business Podcast - this has been huge for us at REI Conversion as we focus heavily on WordPress)
  • REtipster :smiley: Have a lot to thank for this podcast. Currently the only REI podcast I subscribed to. Diverse topics across real estate. Jaren and Seth keep this interesting and fun.
  • The Content Experience Show - Recently found this one and another great show for just content creation, digital, etc)
  • Artificial Intelligence Podcast with Lex Fridman - I’m a huge nerd. All this stuff revolving AI has been so interesting and exciting especially in the last few years)
  • Joe Rogan Experience - Huge UFC/MMA fan, Comedy, and a whole array of topics. Just a fun valutainment podcast.

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Love this thread! Always looking for new stuff related to REI.

Don't have anything more to contribute to the REI podcasts but do enjoy:

The Tim Ferris Show (long form interviews with some really fascinating people)

The Side Hustle Show (he has interviewed several REI folks there)

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not sure if he has a podcast but Jerry Norton has a great youtube channel for the house side.

Also Steven and Jill for land investing

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