What’s the weirdest thing a tenant has done to your rental property?

I had one tenant completely cover the windows with masking tape from the inside... I still have no idea why. Seems like the existing blinds would’ve been a less permanent way to get the job done.

My parents had a long term tenant, who became a family friend. She went through a pretty traumatic break up. Suddenly started becoming quite a hermit. Few years later we found out she was a hoarder. An intense hoarder with almost no space to even walk in.

Felt weird to get her to leave finally as you can imagine the damage it did to the property. But she was almost a family friend of ours.

I just remembered the sheer amount of newspapers and mountains of "Glad" garbage bag packages everywhere.


We had a tenant break up with their significant other who was living with them.

Her boyfriend was the one who had done all the lease signing and stuff related with the house and he moved away.

The woman then moved in with her mother without letting us know, but her mother did not allow pets.

They had 3 dogs and 3 cats, and she left plenty of food and water for them to survive upwards of two weeks.

As you can imagine, there were unspeakable things done to the carpet and walls...

I still have nightmares of the smell of tearing those carpets up and dragging them to the road side

kids painted smiley faces on the brick fascade of the house (in a really nice neighborhood)

In high school i worked for a slum Lord and we would often find houses with plastic inside all windows and door and window alarms rigged where they had been most likely baking meth in the house.

But the house i bought from a tired landlord last year with the pentagram drawn in salt with dead bats tales the cake.