What service do you use for eSignatures? Any experience with PandaDoc?

Wondering who others use for esignatures? I used up my freebies with Docusign when selling my second deal, so I signed up for their base level account on the monthly payment plan while I figure out other options, but then I noticed the eSign service that ITI Direct uses for approving their mailer proofs, PandaDoc, has a free account level that claims to allow you to, "Upload, send for eSignature and collect payment for as many documents as you’d like."

Has anyone used Pandadoc, and if so, does it really do all of that, or is there a catch? I'd be happy with a free way to get buyers' and sellers' electronic signatures on purchase and sale agreements. If I could actually collect down payments from buyers for free, as well, that would just be some super sweet icing on top, but it makes me wonder if I'm missing something.

I've always used DocuSign, because it seems like the industry standard... but I know there are plenty of good alternatives out there.

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I use HelloSign. They let you have 3 free docs per month. So far that’s been enough for me (I actually have 2 accounts...one with my buy side email address and one with my sell side email, so I get 3 free on each side). I’m only doing this part time though. I’d love to get to the point where 3 a month isn’t enough anymore. 🙂


Thanks @LindaH I think I'll try PandaDoc on my next deal to see if it really does have unlimited free e-signing and possibly to check out the payments feature, as well, but if it doesn't work out, I'm going to try HelloSign because 3 free signatures per month should be plenty for me at this point, too, most months at least. I was mildly frustrated on my last deal because a prospective buyer consumed all of my remaining new-account freebies on DocuSign by requesting a series of small edits, and then backed out of the sale anyway. :-)

@dl7573 I'm curious to hear how it goes with PandaDoc. Unlimited free e-signing sure would be nice!

I like SignRequest a lot. I don't send blind offers so everyone that contacts me through my website gets a sale agreement sent to them via email. SignRequest allows me to bulk upload seller info and send many customized offer documents to many people all at once. It has saved me a ton of time compared to how I used to do it.

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I've used a few. Was using RightSignature for awhile, but it just seemed a bit antiquated honestly. Used Docusign for awhile as well, super clean and good service, but I think it is one of the pricier ones. Right now I have just started using SignRequest and it seems solid enough. I don't think there are many bad choices in this realm truthfully.


I have been using Dochub and it works great and is much cheaper than docusign (which I previously used)

RabbitSign offers free e-signing that is truly unlimited.

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HelloSign is a solid product.